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It would seem there is a method to my madness. The order amongst chaos may be in the numbers for my favorite is three & this, my third blog, is the one finally providing me a home online. Then again, it may be that; the synchronicity of having a brick & mortar home at last. The wait implied therein & explained herein points to patience as wondrous things do seem to come to those who wait.

Whatever the reason, the timing brings it all together. Not only will this blog never be abandoned (tho’ my cold, sick fingers will periodically be pried off) but it turns out I’m not the only one who enjoys it! So, one form my ordered chaos is taking is that no sooner am I tagged then awards start arriving.Amazing Blogger award Having always been one to welcome votes of confidence, what can I say but keep ’em coming!?

Ever so cleverly, Nom de plume The Poetress has included a tag with my very first award. I cannot thank you enough, Michelle! Thus, my acceptance speech for being declared an Amazing Blogger is presented as
7 Weird or Random Facts”:

  • I require but don’t need coffee; it doesn’t keep me awake.
  • I know much but remember little; making me my own fact checker.
  • I have to be reminded of my own memories; which doesn’t always work.
  • I’m first in my family to stay w/a 1st husband; but he’s also my 2nd.
  • I’m ill but have no diagnosis; nor can I afford one anytime soon.
  • I’m an alcoholic that drinks; moderation IS the family mantra.
  • I’m a poet without poems; so have opted for prose.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more proud or touched, especially in the head, “Omyword!” did Lisa say that? Turns out I make her smile, as does RhodesTer, & we both got some lovin’ to boot.. Truth be told, imparting love & inspiring smiles are my raison d’être. You guessed it, I’m a hugger & am feeling the virtual love so — to all you who keep coming back — “I’m gonna love [you], and squeeze [you] and call [you] George.”

Well, George, since I am feeling so loving & want to keep you smiling, I won’t be tagging today. However, I challenge (read as beg) you to leave a weird, random fact or seven in the comments. As for blogging credit going where credit is due, those of you reading this ARE spreadin’ the LOVE & helpin’ make the SMILES!!! Consider yourselves squeezed..

You Make Me Smile AwardSpreader of Love Award

“Sanity is a madness put to good use.”
~ George Santayana ~