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My, my; how two weeks can disappear when your eviction from one dwelling leads to van-dwelling til a new dwelling is miraculously found but none too easily won. Having faced the physical challenges, undergone the testing of our faith & confronted the philosophical conundrums; here we happily & unapologetically are.
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If coffee’s my lifeblood, perhaps the internet’s my life force.. It went away soon after I posted “Simplicity isn’t simple” & my time til it did was spent looking for a home. Of course, none of those leads directly led to where we live. Speaking of where we live (what an excellent if simple phrase indeed), my time since has been spent making it a home.

Not to be too punny but that would admittedly be an easier process if we had anything to spend. My favorite part of any move is the opportunity to be rid of yet more baggage. That continued purging is slowing the settling in but will be well worth it in the end. Hopefully, by the time things are sorted, there’ll even be something to put them in or on.

Back to the Simplicity post & its amazing comments to which I was unable to reply — til now: Seldom have I felt quite so understood, much less supported. Truth be told, I hadn’t even realized just how much I needed the catharsis your comments proved to be. I wasn’t looking for sympathy & your empathetic replies show that you know that.

Omyword! wrote (amidst more):

How dare someone imply that I am selfish to not pursue wealth. I’d like to know their ulterior motives (i.e. sell me real estate or something else OR…support their own ideology). I am closer to other human beings right now than I EVER was when I was working 12 hour days to make money so I could live in a fucking secured, gated community condo. Blech.

The once friend offering gems of wisdon’t does indeed sell real estate. His suggestion that the need to budget “doesn’t allow you to do much for those around” is both preposterous & insulting. Who’s to say what little change we have to give someone in need is any less a gift. Do those with more to give actually give more? Go ahead, just try to put a value on my time. That fact that I always have & will give of myself is unchanged by my financial state.

Sheryl wrote:

The richest person in the world could also be the poorest person. Joy comes from living your life to the fullest, following your dreams, being who God intends you to be. Some people are meant to live in a nice home while others are meant to live in a hut but both can be equally happy and successful.

Allowing that it’s a nice hut.. Seriously, though, all the trappings of success cannot overcome any inner lack but success of being can overwhelm external lack. My grandparents allowed me to pick out the charm for a necklace they were buying me when I was significantly younger than now & I chose “Spoiled Rotten.” As contradictory as that may seem to who I claim to be, think again for it was love I was spoiled by.

Rhodester wrote (amidst more):

The place we’re moving into is about 300 square feet.. it has a bed, a table with two chairs and a patio.. and we couldn’t be happier about it. I think that happiness and contentment is worth more than all those material things. Call me selfish.

If only it were the lack of square footage that were the exaggeration here — writers can’t help but be colorful in their descriptions — but it’s the bed. While I admittedly would like an actual bed, at least I don’t have to walk around foam padding. Not only is happiness worth far more than anything material but even the happiest of people are not necessarily content. We count ourselves blessed. Even as we look forward to a few niceties along the way, we are wholly content with the waiting & what we’re waiting with.

René wrote (amidst more):

Funny, I was just wondering today, why you ended up living there, surrounded by so many people like him? I hate Southern California… Please, keep creating, connecting with others and making us all laugh and think. The world needs more people like you — not more Mercedes driving bimbos who think that they’re making the world a better place by disposing of their cash on some bullshit carbon credits or an annual holiday donation to the local homeless shelter.

Being California kids & in love with the ocean, we had little choice in the matter but it is interesting that we’ve ended up in the desert. Now that we’re surrounded by far fewer bimbos & in a place of incredible energy, both creation & connection are ripe for the picking. We have no greater desire than to make others, as well as ourselves, laugh & think so cannot thank you enough for the encouragement!

Lorna wrote (amidst more):

First of all, I love the Walrus/Carpenter lead-in. There’s nothing quite so mind-clearing as a few hours spent with Lewis Carroll. .. I’ll be thinking of you this week as you take step number 793,621 in your journey.

Lewis Carroll always has been a favored source for both perspectives & consequences, not to mention perspectives on consequences. It’s not always clear what’s safe to eat or drink nor what side of the looking glass I’m on yet I’d rather take the journey — even if it’s down the rabbit hole — than stare in the mirror. What do I win on the millionth step? The discovery of what or if will make it worth the taking.

Maureen wrote:

I don’t write as eloquently as both of you, nor necessarily those that have commented before me. I wish you both the best of luck/happiness/good fortune (in whatever form it takes) in your move.

Eloquence, smelloquence; but thank you. 😛 The smell of insincere eloquence is quite rank but sincerity takes on an eloquence of its own. Your wishes are the stuff that sustains us. Granted, there’s still a need for some sustenance of nutritional value but, no worries, that’ll come too with a little good fortune. Simply having such a dynamic cheering section, as found herein, makes everything possible.

“When we realize that the best we have to bring to any situation is being just who we are, we relax.”
~ Anne Wilson Schaef ~


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