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You like me?!

What FUN

It would seem there is a method to my madness. The order amongst chaos may be in the numbers for my favorite is three & this, my third blog, is the one finally providing me a home online. Then again, it may be that; the synchronicity of having a brick & mortar home at last. […]

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Tickled to be tagged ~_~


Three blogs in, over a decade online & I’ve finally been tagged! I feel substantiated, thanx to *Sparky*.. Although relatively new to the blogosphere, her blog beautifully shares her; outwardly reflecting the inner beauty she quite clearly has. [Sadly, she has left blogging behind but made a positive impact while here.] The rules are simple: […]

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Speed Friending @_@

C'est MOI

We’ve all seen them, many of us read them & a few even answer them. It’s not surveys themselves that have me baffled but what (little) is done with them. If still young enough that you’re getting to know yourself as much as others; all those short, sparse answers make sense. Survey after survey becomes […]

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