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Tis my first ever guest post, about my 1st ever soulmate, by my 2nd one; thanx Hunny!

We are blessed to have known her

She made our lives rich – vibrant – better

She was our mother – our grandmother – our friend

wife – sister – aunt

She’s gone on now, to be with those who wait for us

and look over us and pray for us

She knows and understands and loves all the more

and she shall be dearly missed

Peg and Dorian

Beulah “Peg” Dorey

1923 – 2009

We love you

“Always too soon, even when right
time runs out despite our best denial
amidst feeling cheated, reason unable to reign
made incomplete by loss yet more complete
for knowing her



Bon Anniversaire, Ma Mère!

C'est POEM

An ability to see beyond the pale, Recognizing hope in the shadows, Trusting first and foremost in love; Questioning allows for discovery — An independent view of the world, Finding wonder in unlikely nooks, Taking refuge in discovered beauty; Aesthetic purpose is proven worthy. Not simply to be sought but created, Via means personal and […]

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