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What’s with the 404s?! Yesterday, the whole site was gone & today there’s another missing post. Who’s running this site anyway!? Oh yeah, that’d be me; you know, the one typing this. Of course, I’m done typing now as it’s been published & is being read by you — thanx, btw! 😀

My weekly[ish] tweet posts require editing to turn into the beautiful plethora of pics, videos, quotes & links they’re meant to offer. Otherwise, you could just peruse my Twitter profile. 😉

The good news is, I’ll be editing through the week & have spiffy new posts to share soon as they’ve just been waylaid by that infernal editing department. The better news is that the site itself is changing up.. not in content or design, mind you, just presentation. I’ll be making it easier to find the various offerings. In the mood for quotes — & when aren’t you? — voila, the most recent quotable post right there up front. But wait, there’s more.. The most recent goodies tweeted will still be front & center but so will the latest holiday post & life-tweaking post. 😮

That’s right, accessibility baby! I’ll keep the coffee hot & the tea out so come on back now, y’hear??

drink coffee

UPDATE: Time flies even when you’re not having fun. No worries tho’, the editing continues & the revitalized posts WILL start appearing this week. Your patience is so appreciated & I’d like to show my appreciation. Leave a comment or use the contact form to let me know how I can make my blog’s downtime up to you.. What do you miss? What would you like me to write about? How can I make Drinking Deeply a better experience for you? THANX! (&, yes, by all means, let me know what you don’t like as well)

PS: For those concerned, while my health did slow my progress down, it was also other projects. I run my best friend’s blog & he started posting regularly 😯 so fell free to check out Nothing is Impossible Ministries. Whatever your take on Christianity, his perspective’s refreshing, his travels interesting & his insights honest. Meanwhile, I’m also building a new site for a dear friend at & there’s much to be done yet but I hope to have something worthy up by her 5th anniversary of blogging in 10 days. Wish me luck & wish her a happy 5th!

“The never-ending task of [blog] improvement.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tweets, Retweets & Quotations

A bit TMI
the Roman Bridge at night

People don’t change w/the times, they change the times. -PK Shaw
(in challenging ourselves,
we challenge the status quo) #

retweet of @klamach: i would rather die on my feet in peaceful dissidence than live on my knees in oppression #iranelection #
Iranian Women & The Uprising: Culture, Rights & Roundhouse Kicks # @bust_magazine

my @RhodesTer used his few tips to bring me a muffin! having it now w/hot mango #tea as he recuperates from work (aka sleep -_-) *nuts, YUM* #

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Tweets, Retweets & Quotations

A bit TMI
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Welcome to June, dear Tweeps.. many a new beginning lined up, incl. our 19th wedding anniversary tomorrow & @RhodesTer‘s 50th b-day the 9th! #

from the keys of 1 of Twitter’s founders-@Ev:
retwt of @evskeys: Even I know love’s not based on the hardware you’re born with. No one can tell you the shape of the key that opens your <3
retwt of @evskeys: The internet’s like the human brain; vast power arising from millions of interconnections yet we use less than 10% of it. ➡

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