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Twitter asked me to “Share my story” & share I did. Of course, the story they wanted was why I use Twitter. Having recently answered how I use it on two different sites, the basis for my response was already written but I could have answered why with one word. I’d imagine most of the stories submitted will share that underlying reason yet with all the varied approaches found from blog to blog. Even those who seldom add to the ready flow of communication the internet makes possible are taking part in turning their share of monologues into dialogs.

The reason I blog is to communicate with a wide range of people & Twitter is by far the most natural extension of that. With the flexibility to follow only those of my choosing via Google Chat & an ongoing tweet stream awaiting me whenever I decide to take a dip, it fits my life & online habits even as they fluctuate from day to day. I’m always sure to find excellent advice, article/post recommendations, breaking news & — of course — a good balance of entertainment. Thus, my Twitter stream has replaced the “Digg’s Top Stories” feed I’d used for so long.

Through Twitter, I’ve had a blog post listed on ProBlogger, received a compliment from the founder of eBay & been provided an opportunity to communicate with people I’ve been following through other mediums for ages. Given who you choose to follow, it can be a mini-mentoring experience or simply an interesting influx of information (not to mention both ^_^). Like most Web 2.0 innovations, Twitter can be used in whatever way fits each user’s needs & the benefits are only starting to be realized.

|_|) “Communication–the human connection–is the key to personal and career success.” ~ Paul J. Meyer

PS: It doesn’t hurt that both my hunny & my cat are tweeting too. ~_^

While there are those blogging, & therefore being pseudo-social, with no other intention than making money; even they have to communicate something to have a lasting shot at profitability. There are also many entrepreneurs communicating so effectively that money proved the result. The difference between communicating to earn & earning from communicating is vast though. Gary Vaynerchuk puts it best with his encouragement to prioritize legacy over currency. It may seem ironic that I relate to that SO strongly since both appear equally lacking.

Without a clear path to either, goals still have to be made & intentions declared. My goal when it comes to blogging has always been communication which flows from the fact that I seek out opportunities to communicate in everything I do & everywhere I go. The result has been a full spectrum of observations; with all the extreme viewpoints, hard realities & reassuring wonder of the human condition as my guide. This acute awareness of all that we are, all we are capable of — good as well as  bad — & all we can be to each other is ultimately why I blog.

I’ve been expressing myself online hither & thither for nearly 15 years but not til six months ago was I able to start this blog &, not until this one, was I able to maintain one. Determination & circumstance finally somewhat in sync, an ongoing effort became possible which is why it was time to leave free forums behind. Having established that I’m here simply in the hope of creating a dialog & that I’m no expert in anything, merely an observer of everything, leaves the question; “Why am I willing to pay for a presence online amidst continued poverty?”

The potential answers — Is it ego, am I insane or desperate for friends?! — are why my Twitter story prompted me to tell my blog story. Although I impart much of myself in every post, I’ve yet to actually introduce myself. *flashback to 8th-grade cheerleading* “Dorian,” “Yeah,” “Introduce yourself,” “YEAH,” “Introduce Yourself,” “RIGHT ON, my name is DORIAN!” (flashback dedicated to Tony Northrip whose merciless teasing is why I still remember the degrading chant) As this is an introduction, before you draw any conclusions, allow me to point out cheerleading was the only way to be excused from P.E. 😮


Biographically speaking, in six months I turn 40 & I’m proud of my upcoming milestone. Ever young at heart, I can thoroughly enjoy an age with which my life experience is not so incongruous. My life journey thus far has been one of heath problems, money issues & the mandatory family dysfunction. It has, however, been punctuated by irrefutable hope, miraculous comebacks & unconditional love. I met Rhodester 19 years ago & a relationship of some longevity is training ground enough but I’d already run a bit of a gamut before meeting him. He caught up with me during our first few years of marriage.

I had father issues & had been raped [more than once], fortunately unrelated, was an alcoholic with other addictions as well, very related, a runaway that couldn’t stay away, for love of my mum, & a Unitarian who’d come to believe the Trinity while still questioning Religion. “May you live in interesting times” proved both my curse & my wish; I felt trapped in small-town, middle-class mediocrity & found my escape to be ‘thinking interesting thoughts’ instead. My vices have finally mellowed, even I seem to have along the way, yet not only am I still addicted to interesting thoughts but thinking them isn’t enough; they must be shared.

That’s where you come in. I want to listen & consider, as much as offer contemplation. It’s with the understanding that we have an inevitable impact in every moment of every day that I want even the simplest ones to count. From the difference we can make with a smile to the apathy we contribute to with inaction, our ripples are being felt. In seeking to create good ripples, it just makes sense that it’s equally good — if not better — to impact other ripples along the way. Thus, I seem to inexplicably be offering advice & you don’t really know me; why should you care what I have to say & who do I think I am anyway??

That’s just it, I don’t think I’m any different from any of you. I believe that what affects one of us effects us all, whether we’re aware of it or not, & that we all share shortcomings alongside infinite potential. I hated that word growing up as much because I’d heard it too many times as it coming off oxymoronic. It’s typically used in reference to someone else’s expectation, at worst, or a specific goal, at marginal best, but would be far more encouraging were it to be left appropriately open-ended. Never should we limit ourselves, nor should we forget the potential of unending possibilities & unexpected blessings we all offer each other.

LOL cat found via a tweet from Pete Cashmore of Mashable
awww, its ok, u'll poop rainbows next time

While I feel I should promptly start pooping rainbows on that note, life experience & my personal dictate to doubt everything have always kept me a realist so my capacity for optimism is merely a balancing force. Part of my innate balance is an avid interest in almost everything which in no way qualifies me to have opinions about all of it but I do anyway. 😛 The next balancing force at work is that there’s little I haven’t come across thus I know there are no right or wrong answers. There is only truth & our individual experiences. So, I’m offering up my own varied thoughts in a way that hopefully makes sense & perhaps even helps, with the single goal of prompting more thought. Therefore, pour yourself another hot beverage & add to the brew..

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him
to find it in himself.”
~ Galileo Galilei ~

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