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Energy found, sharing myself in 4s


in Friday FINDS

Energy is our most valuable resource. Our physical & mental stores of it ebb, flow & feed off each other. That’s why the attitudes we choose make such a difference; like an adrenalin rush, a determined mindset will compensate for waning physical strength. In turn, feeling refreshed will help us carry on when our minds become clouded. Since neither option is sustainable, refueling must include food for thought & thought of food. From the quick jump-starts that come in the form of a healthy snack — which does include coffee, I’ll have you know 😛 — to full-blown overhauls, we must regularly indulge in those things which feed our souls while remembering to feed ourselves along the way.

brain thinks... hand executes

That which excites the mind propels us but the momentum isn’t self-sustaining. We need to physically support that momentum to avoid running on fumes or overheating which is why rest is as important as fuel. Rather than take breaks only as needed, stay open to positive interruptions & schedule in downtime. Our lives are picture windows but made of individually framed panes. We need to step away from the pane that has our focus to bring other panes back into view. It’s from that vantage point that balance becomes possible, enabling us to use energy more efficiently. Energy is also our most renewable resource & the key to building our reserves is learning how often we each need to recharge.

Those marvelous Men with Pens addressed this need, hopefully inspiring bloggers to ask themselves if they’re just maintaining momentum or posting with motivation. I’ve always opted to post at least weeklyish & having my own computer allowed me to start posting twice a week. Better scheduled programming is brewing but, like the Pen Men, I need to focus on other panes in my window of life just now. My Anniversary prompted a couple days offline as will Rhodester’s birthday (Monday, people, Monday..) & it’s time to finish up our migration to WordPress. I’ll also be setting aside some Tivo time as my addiction to reading James’ & Harry’s Escaping Reality has reawakened my need for fiction.

What a tweet is to Twitter, a plurk sounds like it'd be to a toilet!?

Only by recognizing our own needs can we serve others’ & find the energy for either. Thus, my coffee breaks will still be spent lurking & tweeting if not plurking. I’ll no doubt need to call on those of you with WordPress experience & then on the rest of you for a break from the madness. Offline friends are few & far between for me as the connections & reconnections I have with people I’ve physically met are made possible via my internet connection too so there’s little distinction. Seeing each of you as a friend — with those who haven’t commented or tweeted my direction simply being the ones I haven’t met yet — is why I can appreciate a meme now & again. So, blame Bob or thank him:

4 jobs I’ve had

  • fashion show coordinator
  • optometrist’s assistant
  • retail manager
  • stage manager

4 movies I can watch over & over

  • The Abyss
  • Alien Quadrilogy
  • The Fifth Element
  • A Knight’s Tale

4 places I’ve lived

  • Ashland, OR
  • Hollywood, CA
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Palm Springs, CA

4 [current] TV shows I love

  • Criminal Minds
  • House
  • NCIS

4 places I’ve been on vacation

  • Paris w/weekends in Edinburgh & London
  • San Diego, CA (RhodesTer also once lived there)
  • Seattle, WA w/a hop to Victoria, BC
  • Walt Disney World (have yet to take Rhodester)

4 of my favorite dishes

  • Bagel & Lox w/capers
  • Hangtown Fry
  • Spinach Quiche
  • Spring Salad (Walnuts, Gorgonzola & Cranberries)

4 websites I [could] visit daily

4 places I’d rather be now

  • a beach w/a bonfire
  • Porterville Convalescent Hospital
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Scotland (Hi Christopher!)

“Love the moment and the energy of the moment will spread
beyond all boundaries.”
~ Sister Corita Kent ~

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