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There are any number of words starting with E, N, T & P — not all flattering — that could & may be offered up to describe me. The ones that together describe my personality though are Extraverted, iNtuitive (I’m not the one that cheated, ‘I’ was already taken by ‘Introverted’), Thinking & Perceiving. I first tested my personality with this approach over 20 years ago which either attests that I was a precocious teen or I’m getting a few years under my belt.. or both. 😮 Either way, the results were the same so — whatever that says about me — it bodes well for this online test.

CLICK to view my Personality Profile

The version I took two decades ago was far more in depth in its testing & results but this hugely simplified online counterpart gets kudos. I’ll try not to bore you with too many of the results it does offer for, should you find me enough of a curiosity, you may look for yourself.. On a slightly borg-like note; my “Primary Function” is apparently “Extraverted Intuition” & I do have a funny feeling that I’d like to share with EVERYone but that may just be the current lack of caffeine. *brewing* WHEW; my caffeine — er — blood‘s flowing again. **coffee for everyone**

As an ENTP, I’m termed an “Originator” — essentially for original thought — & I admittedly perceive that as quite a compliment; even more so, given some of the company I’m in:

Tesla, in particular, is happy-making in that I could hope for no better company & I’m thrilled he was included at all as he’s too seldom acknowledged. I’m awfully glad as well to have Ed’s company since there are few enough female ENTPs, especially to whom I can relate from the examples the site provided. You may have noticed, however, that I’m almost equally an ENFP so it would seem it’s as an “Advocate” that I’m doing this original thinking. Yes, 3% is marginal; as opposed to how Hillary’s New Hampshire win over Barack was reported. They even won the same number of delegates but I digress.

This balance of two personality types leaves my primary function unchanged; wherein “different possibilities are thought of, realizing that there is always another way of looking at things.” It’s my secondary function that then has to find balance between “knowing what I value & knowing how things work.” While my tertiary functions build on this same balance with a logical approach to feelings, my least dominant function is true of both my thinking & feeling halves (give or take a percentage or three). So, in either mode, I have “the ability to link present experiences to past experiences in search for a connection.”

Perhaps more telling is what I’m not. Between my two interwoven personality types, I have a personality comprised of six of the eight distinct functions of personality. My two seemingly absent functions juxtapose “living ‘in the moment’ & having a sense about the future.” This may well be because I actually do both which I recognize as rare & neither outweighs the other so as to cancel each other out test-wise. In practice though, they are symbiotic. I see life for what it could be while making the most of what it is. That ever-present awareness of what the future may hold frees me to enjoy every moment without concern for what has yet to pass.

What wise quote fits you?
Your wise quote is: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall. ~ Confucius
Yes indeed, you see true strength can only be seen when a person has ‘fallen’. Only then can one tell how they will handle it. Just don’t make others fall so you can know who they really are. You, on the other hand, recover very quickly and don’t let people bring you down. You are your own, and you’re fine with that. Emotional issues are something you handle rather nicely.

Some schools of thought set you up to be so focused on the future that you’re harboring regret for the present. I can’t think of anything sadder. I am absolutely an advocate of positive thought & know first-hand how powerful it can be but it shouldn’t distract us from recognizing, simply put, what is. Some things just are & that’s okay; we don’t need to berate ourselves for them or try to be something we’re not, much less bypass an opportunity to accept something real for that’s where ultimate truth is planted. In regard to personality, surely my long-standing ENTPness shows that we do have traits inherently; it’s what we choose to nurture that makes us who we are. Thus, this is me; informed by my head but governed by my heart..

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.”
~ Helen Keller ~

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