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Finding artistry, computing AS art


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Once again she was putting her belief in love..Paulo Coelho found me on Twitter & I’m already better off for the connection. I was thrilled to discover his Twitter updates include ‘Quotes of the Day’ which have inspired me to follow suit so my first tweeted quote was this morning. I discovered Paulo offers inspiration across the internet in multiple ways. Upon ‘friending’ him on MySpace, I received this e-card as a comment on MYspace. Blessed & humbled by its artistry, I found its message struck a chord as well:

“Once again, she was putting her belief in love,
trusting her feelings, but she’d been disappointed
so often before that she was no longer sure of
anything. Nevertheless, this was the
great gamble of her life.”

Speaking of artistry as expression, with more personalized quoting, a perusal of my sidebar reveals The Quote Garden as my favorite quote repository. Reasons abound but Quotable Tattoo would be reason enough. Although I love all these tattooed quotes, especially given their contexts, this is a favorite, given my context. In that photo, you may have noticed Sarah has another quote across her collarbone. Because I’ve been collecting quotations my whole life (feel free to ask my mum 😉 ), I’ve always wanted one as a tattoo but, because I’ve been collecting quotations my whole life, I’ve never been able to choose one. Now that I’ve seen where I’d like to put it though, the decision process has begun.

Mixing yet more personalization with artistry, I found a fantastic display of individual takes on one “Silly Cat” at Worth1000. Pictures can be worth 1,000 words & those on this site are; there are also well over 1,000 pictures offering up what could be a googolplex worth of words so it’s a site to bookmark & revisit from time to time. To get started, be sure to explore the “View Related Contests” drop/pop-down menu. Amidst the finding of artful connections this past week, I plum forgot – yeah, that’s it – to vote on the “Bracket Blogs” contest I found myself competing in a week ago. I’m sure you forgot too which is why I LOST. Alas, my hunny lost also & it wasn’t til we saw that we both lost by two votes that we reconsidered our decision to abstain – there being two of us (math’s a special skill).

Putting my skills to work, what better to count than my blessings. The previous “Found Fridays” were found reveling in the ultimate tool, with which to enhance those blessings, finding its way to me. Rhodester doesn’t seem to mind this digital affair as the other computer is now true to him. Captivated as I am with the whole affair, it’s time for another set of haiku. The following lines are dedicated to Mark for his generosity, my hunny for his patience & the little electronic guy himself:

Haiku Friday

once my customer

smile always at the ready

kindness unending

friendship as action
ultimate encouragement
unworthy but blessed

fulfillment restored
expression now invited
follow-thru as thanx

consistently possible
disconnect ended

so much yet to do
far more behind than I knew
slowly catching up

a far-reaching existence
extension of self

acting on my terms
pain dictating no more
interaction mine


“Much more happiness is to be found in the world than gloomy eyes discover.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

PS: One final find is the opportunity to donate to nothing. The site is misnamed “Donate For Nothing” which is probably meant to be ironic since donating costs something. Or does it? There are still a few days to take advantage of the e-cards mentioned a week ago. They each provide meals without costing the sender a cent.. Another e-card, available through The Rainforest Site, will help save an ancient ecosystem if its recipient views it by 30 April. I’m admittedly tempted to donate a few cents to nothing – watch for my name – but am always thrilled to donate for nothing.

frog @ home in forest

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