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Laptop finds me, back IN blogosphere


in Friday FINDS

Furniture may still lie elusively around the bend but a laptop did indeed find its way to me. The kind friend who felt I, & ultimately this blog, worth investing in upgraded the memory & network card of a used laptop that found its way to him then promptly sent it here! So overwhelmed by this was I that the UPS notification of its shipment only added to the surreality of it all, particularly given its expected delivery date: 1 April. Until it actually arrived that Tuesday evening, I couldn’t help pondering the possibility of that e-mail being an electronic version of ordering a newspaper with customized headlines. Fortunately, I didn’t prove a fish & finally find myself with my very own laptop again!!

fish watching a cat in the fishbowl
© Futura-Sciences

We’re now in the process of making our computers functional for each of us as we compute quite differently, both online & off. Once each computer is personalized accordingly, Rhodester & I can both get caught up online. Due to him recently working nearly 23 hours a day, he found himself two weeks behind on his blog reading. Try as I might to feel sorry for him, I ended up pointing out I’d been running that far behind on all things electronic for months now & was, therefore, months behind on blog reading. Sympathy aside, we’ll be equally busy with files to save, transfer & readjust so won’t be able to accommodate all our online activity yet though he’ll be readily resuming while I’m still personalizing my new companionuter. [I also do the taxes. 😐 ]

Now that I’m posting more regularly, or at least starting to, answering comments in a more timely manner is the thing I’m most excited about. I never know if my replies to your replies to my posts are ever seen by whomever I may be replying to so I remind myself that I’m writing to future readers of the posts as much as directly to each commenter. Of course, I am relating directly to the commenter but, besides being bad form, it would be terribly time-consuming to e-mail each reply; no matter how tempting. “Subscribing to an entry” would send you my reply, despite any delay, but you may not want to do that or – perhaps more likely – may not always remember to check the wee box. There’s also a comment feed &, if you find yourself commenting, it’s rather like subscribing to yourself!? No?!

[Bracket Blogs]While currently working to make my blog more worthy, it was none-the-less found on two other [than, that is] sites this past week. Darren, of ProBlogger fame, offered up some of March’s best titled posts as offered up to him via Twitter in turn & I’m number 15. (My hunny’s #79 ) Although I had some inkling, having tweeted the entry myself, that quick brush with fame was coming; the second one took me pleasantly by surprise. MCF, with his infamous Nexus, has applied bracket science to blogs & I’m currently competing for the #2 bracket:

Not that you’re expected to participate & I have the utmost appreciation for Kristine’s Willow Crossing, which I’ve been pitted against, but VOTE! check her out & feel free to pick ME one of us. If you can’t decide between us, do take note of the 7th bracket as that one’s no contest. Interestingly, were Rhodester & I to miraculously make it to the final bracket, we’d be up against each other. So what’s new? No, wait. Oh, yes, got distracted there for a moment. The irony is, just as in every other aspect of our lives, we’re compatible not comparable. Alas, we’re getting our virtual butts kicked so it doesn’t look like we’ll be facing any such eventuality.


“If you’re able to be yourself, then you have no competition. All you have to do is get closer and closer to that essence.” ~ Barbara Cook

PS: On a less personal note, but still personally important, are ways we can all make a world of difference with the tiniest effort. Case in point, there’s a link to The Hunger Site™ on my sidebar that provides the most return for the least effort that I’m aware of. On the site, there are six charities – all for causes close to my heart – that receive a donation when you simply click the nice big, no-strings-attached button under each of their tabs. Not only is that something you can do daily (my daily six clicks take no time at all) but, through 14 April, funding for one nutritious meal will be given for every “Fund a Meal–FREE!” e-card viewed. Should you be an animal lover too, there are also “Feed a Rescued Animal–FREE!” e-cards.

Stretched a little thin?

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