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Life lost, claim yours NOW

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Life is fragile. Devastating reminders were found near & far this week. As my hunny expressed on his blog, a shooting struck close to home. Bringing a gun to a fist fight is not as unusual as we’d like; it being used to resolve the fight should be though. RhodesTer & I are not gun owners but have experience with them thus, while not proponents, do understand. When faced with such a tragedy, fingers are pointed as statistics of gun-ownership & broken families are tallied. Those end results (e.g. gun-wielding or divorce) aren’t the actual problem, it’s the attitudes (e.g. taking gun-toting or marriage lightly) that lead to them.

Life is no brief candle to me.

Lives aren’t lost to attitude but can be diminished. Whether life itself is devalued or its enrichment, the result is fewer people living their happily ever after. We live in a world where defending your family upon being attacked at your home & guilty of nothing more than being strong enough to kick butt in the process means you’re risking your life. In centuries past, that was a far more widespread & understood reality; everyone knew they were living in such a world. We take for granted a safety & fairness in line with the civilization & maturity we’re struggling to build.

We’re unprepared. We’re no more likely to recognize the impending devastation created by one person’s rash decision than as part & parcel of nature’s grand design. Human frailty is an aspect of the overall design. As with anything, balance must be had; without the capacity for extreme depths, there are no heights to achieve. Our ecosystem clearly has its own checks & balances to perform. Trying to live amongst its goings-on proves lethal time & again. While no easier to explain than human action, nature’s potentially more forgivable due to the utter lack of intent.

Without intention, unwielded wind runs amok & the resulting devastation must run its course. Before human action can be taken, nature’s violent act takes an unbearable toll. Just as the young man Rhodester was getting to know wouldn’t have guessed a gun was coming into the mix & couldn’t outrun bullets, residents of Myanmar were suddenly & brutally trapped. Maintaining that greater balance, death lurks wherever there’s life. The temptation is to give in to its inevitability & be content with survival. We readily understand that each new day is a gift but are we unwrapping them?

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Life is fierce. For all the ferocity we may face, nothing’s so ferocious as a life worth living. Wherever death may call – though we have no direct defense – nothing better diminishes the blow than a full life, regardless of length. Our individual happily ever afters start with no longer putting things off. It only takes a moment to start working towards a goal, implementing the plan you have for your future or rediscovering a missing piece of the puzzle that is your happiness. Give yourself a moment to start building the life you want, here & now, building up to more & more moments as you go.


“Unbeing dead isn’t being alive.” ~ E. E. Cummings

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