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Links loved, Twitter as aggregator


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Lookin’ for a little link love?! You may not have thought so but who can resist alliteration? Not I! Nor can I resist some well-placed love. The link lovin’ has been widespread lately, from Carolyn’s ingenious ‘Once Upon a Bloggy Night’ link meme through Harry’s excellent response to Bob’s thoughtful consideration of how best to do link posts. From the standpoint that there can never be enough love, I’m continuing the trend. This here first link post o’ mine will contain the blogs I read consistently via my personalized link aggregator; to wit, Twitter.

Failing to find the link from one “Found Fridays” post to the next? With a splash more alliteration & while speaking of linkage, I’m also taking this chance to reconsider my series of “Friday Finds.” The series/category was established to share each week’s found moments, either within or online. Although I am sharing my finds from week to week, there’s no consistency to the type of post it creates. I’d love feedback from those of you who’ve read more than one 😯 as I will be changing things up & will also be making Drink Deeply more interactive over time.

Take a tour of bloggers I follow on Twitter via the text links & discover the Twitterers behind the blogs via the avatars..

brettlegreefailing and vikings
Brett meets challenges bravely
6 Weeks at a time

Carolyn Bahmtweets, family, peeps
Carolyn Bahm‘s a dot com
reader, writer, friend

Brian ClarkBrian and his quotes
Copyblogger gives good guest
advice worth reading

Jamie Grovefictional finesse
expressing How Not To Write
Jamie keeps it real

inspiremetodayGail highlights our best
to Inspire Me Today™
with more to explore

IttyBizNaomi’s got game
telling insanity off
IttyBiz or not

Wendi Kellypositive ripples
Life’s Little Inspirations
Wendi’s finding them

LiveWorkDreamJim, René, Jerry
Live.Work.Dream. to love.laugh.teach.
all on seven legs

elle nissenrandomly helpful
Elle’s observations and finds
reveal Lolo’s Way

James Cpens wielded, blogs saved
front-man James trades barbs and wit
half the Men with Pens

Harrison McLeodbalanced by Harry
both wise and fantasy-filled
he lends mirth, reason

MindTweetsMindTweaks sought then shared
curious and questioning
Tori explores self

Lisa WinesOmyword! she’s fun
honest and hilarious
Lisa’s journeying

Paulo Coelhoquotes, queries, insights
Paulo Coelho’s blogging
ready to connect

Darren RowseDarren’s instructive
ProBlogger experience
humanly offered

Michael considers details
reaching past the page

RhodesTertho’ poignant at times
he couldn’t be funnier
that RhodesTer o’ mine

Dave NavarroDave’ll Rock Your Day
no holds barred nor punches pulled
just self-improvement

rogueink swordplay, grammar, drinks
straight-shootin’ Tei saves the day
with Rogue Ink to spare

spiritualtrampinterests galore
Scott’s Spiritual Tramping
brought his own angels

SwanShadowSwanShadow reflects
commentary, comic art
wry sense of humor

Bob Youncewriters are dreaming
via Bob’s Writing Journey
dreamers are writing

great people sharing
I’m found in and by these sites
ideas opened

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