Beauty, Bread and the Beloved


My singular guest-poster has returned to celebrate our return to Camp Nelson, allowing me to crosspost his marvelous Xmas Eve reminiscence from the perspective of all three Christmas ghosts at once (thank you, Hunny). I married a girl some time ago and there was this whole family that came along with the deal. My dad […]

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30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know (for Invisible Illness Awareness Week)

A bit TMI
this 'invisible' pic courtesy of Omar Eduardo

With Invisible Illness Week wrapping up, I was determined to blog again (as promised) & what better way than to do the meme created for the event. These 30 queries have been 3 days in the answering but I hung in there because awareness of illnesses & issues that are so often not recognized, much less understood, is crucial to the well[ish]-being of those living with them. ➡

[photo by Omar Eduardo on Flickr®]

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What’s getting in YOUR way?

C'est MOI
I iz Invizuble

Whatever it is, don’t let it.. not completely anyway. We all have things we’re putting off & issues that are holding us back. The damn dirty deal of it all is that we don’t always have a choice. Now, don’t get me wrong; we always have a choice but sometimes all we can choose is our attitude. The simple truth is that we can’t do anything & everything we want, much less when we want to but we sure as Hell can do what we can do. That may seem oversimplified but too often we’re so caught up in what we can’t do that we neglect to do what we can. Rather than focus on what’s not done, we have an opportunity every day ➡

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