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A bit TMI


A bit TMI

Twitter asked me to “Share my story” & share I did. Of course, the story they wanted was why I use Twitter. Having recently answered how I use it on two different sites, the basis for my response was already written but I could have answered why with one word. I’d imagine most of the […]

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Mind over matter ^_^

A bit TMI

Although not a subject I talk about as much as I could or perhaps even should, my health informs everything I do — or don’t — & all that I am. Of course, everyone’s health impacts them. An extreme physical malady has its obvious effects but is part of a spectrum that encompasses far more […]

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We are what we’re NOT

A bit TMI

The body’s misleading. It looks like us, is recognized as us & certainly embodies us. Yet, we’re short-changing ourselves if we overanalyze what we see in the mirror. While we need to make peace with that reflection, no matter how good or bad we perceive it to be, we also need to look beyond it. […]

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