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A bit TMI

You are missed T_T

A bit TMI

The leader of the band has died & my eyes are crying still, but his words run through my varied thoughts & his song is in my soul.. My life has been much better for the music of this man; he was a living legacy & still leader of the band. The leader of the […]

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Home is where?

A bit TMI

I have a deep-seated ambivalence toward home. Those who’ve peopled my homes have for the most part been a bit of heaven on Earth which is what I think home essentially is when achieved. Yet, home is also something I strove to survive. My grandparents provided my first home & they continue to be the […]

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Simplicity isn’t simple +_+

A bit TMI

“The time has come,” the Walrus said.. but let’s leave shoes, ships & such aside for now. For us, it’s time to make the impending move. We do feel a bit like oysters to our friend-turned-landlord’s walrus, especially as he’ll be visiting this strip of sand shortly. Finding our own wee shell is quite the […]

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