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C’est MOI

construction cats climbing thru computersI’ve published & unpublished, started & abandoned, loved & ignored a number of blogs over the years. They’ve seen many designs, posts come & go, me come & go, vied with each other, and now the time has come to rebuild: Home Virtual Home

My energy is limited due to chronic illness/es and, in the ongoing battle with my health, one of the casualties has been consistency. I want to use what energy I have for writing so site maintenance is no longer something I’m willing to do – especially since I do it for others. I’m simplifying and rebuilding my site one post at a time as “Dorian Dorey Rhodes.”

New posts are already up with more underway, I’m writing regularly and rewriting old posts as well. I’m reposting my poems but with context this time. New poems are in the works too and I’ll finally be sharing my quotation collection. I’m still sharing quotes with commentary and, of course, I’ve written about coffee: Coffee, Tea, and Me

The URL will point directly to the current posts once enough of these have joined them. I want to keep this blog archive available as long as possible without breaking its URLs. You can subscribe directly to the latest posts and/or bookmark either site since they’ll eventually merge. In the meantime, new posts are listed under the ‘Current Posts’ feed in the sidebar.

Thanx for reading! I hope you’ll bear with me as I rebuild my site, and forgive the broken links and missing pics on this one. Triple ta (two ‘ta’s to say b’bye & one more to say thanx)!!

Dorian aka coffeesister <3 & |_|)

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HAWMC: Quotation Inspiration

C'est MOI

As a spoonie & collector of quotations, I’ve found so many that inspire me; from the directly health-related like Buddha’s “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly,” to my […]

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HAWMC: Time Capsule

C'est MOI

I’ve been blogging off & on for years, have more recently opened up about my health (or lack thereof ~_^) & feel incomplete when my world isn’t as digital as it is physical yet I stopped updating this blog nearly three years ago. There were a number of practical reasons from repeated moving thus intermittent […]

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