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C’est MOI

Hang in there w/me?!

C'est MOI
Computer Construction Cats

Thanx for your patience (hopefully ~_~) w/these weekly Twitter posts. Not only am I in the process of editing them but the intent behind them was to intersperse regular posts. *oops* Seriously tho’, they are meant to share the best tweets of the week: the links, photos, quotations & videos. The one below is the only one edited so far, the rest will return shortly — as far shorter & more enjoyable reads. 😉

Meanwhile, we (as in RhodesTer & I) were blessed with an opportunity to switch apartments thus settling into the new one continues to keep me busy. … ➡

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Finding luck, conversation resumed

C'est MOI

No matter how elusive luck is, we never stop seeking it & can’t help hoping for it — nor should we. That watchfulness keeps us aware of opportunities & the hope gives us the courage to take chances. By believing in a bit of luck, we stay open to things beyond the sum of our […]

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A bit TMI

Twitter asked me to “Share my story” & share I did. Of course, the story they wanted was why I use Twitter. Having recently answered how I use it on two different sites, the basis for my response was already written but I could have answered why with one word. I’d imagine most of the […]

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