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C’est POEM


A bit TMI

Twitter asked me to “Share my story” & share I did. Of course, the story they wanted was why I use Twitter. Having recently answered how I use it on two different sites, the basis for my response was already written but I could have answered why with one word. I’d imagine most of the […]

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Series founded, leaving weeklyISH behind

C'est POEM

I’m grabbing hold of imminent possibilities.. By way of God’s grace & friendship as action not simply sentiment, it seems I may actually have a laptop soon! Not only will this resolve the current sharing of a computer with my hunny, which has proven to be all but impossible, it solves the vast discrepancy between […]

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Bon Anniversaire, Ma Mère!

C'est POEM

An ability to see beyond the pale, Recognizing hope in the shadows, Trusting first and foremost in love; Questioning allows for discovery — An independent view of the world, Finding wonder in unlikely nooks, Taking refuge in discovered beauty; Aesthetic purpose is proven worthy. Not simply to be sought but created, Via means personal and […]

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