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Friday FINDS

Energy found, sharing myself in 4s

Friday FINDS

Energy is our most valuable resource. Our physical & mental stores of it ebb, flow & feed off each other. That’s why the attitudes we choose make such a difference; like an adrenalin rush, a determined mindset will compensate for waning physical strength. In turn, feeling refreshed will help us carry on when our minds […]

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Links loved, Twitter as aggregator

C'est POEM

Lookin’ for a little link love?! You may not have thought so but who can resist alliteration? Not I! Nor can I resist some well-placed love. The link lovin’ has been widespread lately, from Carolyn’s ingenious ‘Once Upon a Bloggy Night’ link meme through Harry’s excellent response to Bob’s thoughtful consideration of how best to […]

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Groove found, back TO blogging

Friday FINDS

Ever have one of those weeks? Not a bad one, mind you, but not what you’d anticipated. I’m not one for planning; instead, I prioritize & reprioritize. Amidst goals that must be set, life comes along its merry way. I don’t want to miss anything life may throw my way & I’m determined to heed […]

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