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Friday FINDS

Finding friendship, drink IN hand

Friday FINDS

Coffee is a beautiful thing! Although not loved by everyone, it is loved — by everyone who counts blogs. I kid, I kid because I love! It’s really caffeine that is a widely shared addiction &, just as it’s enjoyed in various forms, coffee comes in almost enough varieties to please every palette. There are […]

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Life lost, claim yours NOW

Friday FINDS

Life is fragile. Devastating reminders were found near & far this week. As my hunny expressed on his blog, a shooting struck close to home. Bringing a gun to a fist fight is not as unusual as we’d like; it being used to resolve the fight should be though. RhodesTer & I are not gun […]

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Photography found, belated post & wishes

C'est POEM

Exactly a week ago, my youngest brother turned 24. As Joel nears that quarter-century mark, I’m struck by how much my brothers & I have in common despite how very different we each are. This all too familiar dichotomy may seem a given yet all three of our mum’s children are articulate, artistic & geeky. […]

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