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Friday FINDS

Foundling post, looking withOUT

C'est POEM

Following the signs found this week led me to an unrelated pair of graphics generators that both encourage unique delivery of a personal message. I found myself pondering more than what to say with these fun discoveries. A previous Found Friday pointed out that visuals speak to us too so what am I saying visually? […]

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Balancing finds, looking withIN

Friday FINDS

Adaptation takes time. There are early adopters who try everything, hangers-on who let others do the testing & those of us always on the lookout for our next endeavor. Being poised to pounce is not about moving from one thing to another as early adopters tend to do nor is the intent to take on […]

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Finding artistry, computing AS art

C'est POEM

Paulo Coelho found me on Twitter & I’m already better off for the connection. I was thrilled to discover his Twitter updates include ‘Quotes of the Day’ which have inspired me to follow suit so my first tweeted quote was this morning. I discovered Paulo offers inspiration across the internet in multiple ways. Upon ‘friending’ […]

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