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Independence is a State of Mind

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The Declaration of Independence was adopted on the 4th of July but had yet to be signed & started as a resolution a month earlier. True change is never instantaneous but each choice plants a seed & every action waters it. What may start as unrest or discomfort often leads to declarations of intent yet it’s what we do with those good intentions that make the difference.. or not. In 1776, five men presented a resolution

“declar[ing] the United Colonies free and independent States, absolved from allegiance to or dependence on the Crown or Parliament of Great Britain…” ➡

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Tweets, Retweets & Quotations

A bit TMI
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Welcome to June, dear Tweeps.. many a new beginning lined up, incl. our 19th wedding anniversary tomorrow & @RhodesTer‘s 50th b-day the 9th! #

from the keys of 1 of Twitter’s founders-@Ev:
retwt of @evskeys: Even I know love’s not based on the hardware you’re born with. No one can tell you the shape of the key that opens your <3
retwt of @evskeys: The internet’s like the human brain; vast power arising from millions of interconnections yet we use less than 10% of it. ➡

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YOU so silly!

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Silliness should be prized. I’ve had the good fortune of being raised with it as it’s always been one of my family’s most prized pursuits. None of us are class clowns or cut-ups but we love to laugh. We laugh readily & easily as well as good & long, especially when a shared bit of silly is the cause. Of course, it’s not so much the silliness as sharing it that we find infectious. Inside jokes are a constant. Our favorites are ones that don’t require insider information to be laughable so that anyone can join in. It also helps that those don’t require long memories since my maternal Grandma was the only one with a good memory. ➡

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