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Those I LOVE

Dear Mary Ann,

Those I LOVE

If I could say only two words to you, they’d be thank you. Since I can no longer say anything directly to you, why stop at two? I always had more to say than you did so this refusal to yield will come as no surprise to you. A refusal to yield is, in fact, […]

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Mum’s NOT the word when it comes to mine ♥

C'est POEM

From Pooh Corner to poetry With courage and coffee Thru Art for art’s sake She inspirited me From Upstart Crow to unity With trust and tea parties Thru Truth for my sake She inscribed her love From Camp Nelson to crazy With freedom and fantasy Thru Faith for our sake She inspires me still (|_|*ME […]

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Photography found, belated post & wishes

C'est POEM

Exactly a week ago, my youngest brother turned 24. As Joel nears that quarter-century mark, I’m struck by how much my brothers & I have in common despite how very different we each are. This all too familiar dichotomy may seem a given yet all three of our mum’s children are articulate, artistic & geeky. […]

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