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Those I LOVE

Series founded, leaving weeklyISH behind

C'est POEM

I’m grabbing hold of imminent possibilities.. By way of God’s grace & friendship as action not simply sentiment, it seems I may actually have a laptop soon! Not only will this resolve the current sharing of a computer with my hunny, which has proven to be all but impossible, it solves the vast discrepancy between […]

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I need to be kneaded =^@.@^=

Those I LOVE

Our minds can’t help but fashion means by which our loved ones could have survived but the heart-wrenching truth is that’s seldom an option. I respect that to everything, & everyone, there is a season. Although I greatly miss many of the people who’ve moved on from their place in my life, the underlying comfort […]

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New Years m(_ _)m


Thanx for your participation – period – but especially in helping to celebrate new years in the lives of two of my absolutely favorite people. I’m not one who minds telling her age for I feel each year is an accomplishment & every birthday a beginning. Age has never proven an accurate telling of anything […]

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