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What FUN

You like me?!

What FUN

It would seem there is a method to my madness. The order amongst chaos may be in the numbers for my favorite is three & this, my third blog, is the one finally providing me a home online. Then again, it may be that; the synchronicity of having a brick & mortar home at last. […]

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Tickled to be tagged ~_~


Three blogs in, over a decade online & I’ve finally been tagged! I feel substantiated, thanx to *Sparky*.. Although relatively new to the blogosphere, her blog beautifully shares her; outwardly reflecting the inner beauty she quite clearly has. [Sadly, she has left blogging behind but made a positive impact while here.] The rules are simple: […]

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Find your inner cat =^@.@^=

What FUN

Cats have doing things on their own terms down to a science. My little girl is named Shadow.. with good cause. Reaching down to pet her while passing by recently, I barely caught a flick of her tail as she dashed under the nearby table. As she is quite skittish & well deserving of her […]

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