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Speed Friending @_@


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We’ve all seen them, many of us read them & a few even answer them. It’s not surveys themselves that have me baffled but what (little) is done with them. If still young enough that you’re getting to know yourself as much as others; all those short, sparse answers make sense. Survey after survey becomes the teen equivalent of Speed Dating. Throw ideas out there, the quicker the better so that more & more can be tried on for size. Amidst discovery of self, even not changing every answer makes a bit of sense. If you agree with the previous survey-taker’s response, nothing’s wrong with a time-saving ‘me too’ but why not actually say it?

The opportunity to connect with people, to compare & contrast what makes each of you you is a worthy undertaking. It’s phenomenal that the internet allows such pursuits to far outreach our previous grasp. With so many people to potentially reach, no wonder there’s a frenzy to utilize all the tools at our disposal. Of course, the aforementioned quality vs quantity is bound to come into play. Is it really better to offer more replies to that universal “Who are YOU?” than thoughtful ones?! If no time is taken to think while you’re literally in the process of learning what you think, what’s the point?

Here’s the thing: Surveys could be both ingenious & fun. An excellent start; if a yes/no question were elaborated upon, actual dialogs could be spawned. Let’s get past the games & use the madness to our advantage. Treat a survey more like ‘truth or dare‘ (SOME games are transcendent); never delete a question you’re not comfortable answering, admit that about yourself. Not only is honesty good for the soul but that simple fact tells the reader something about you. After all, isn’t that the goal? Towards that end, truth to self may mean an utter lack of truth is called for. By all means, lie but lie BIG!

Whether you’re of my more soulfully explorative ilk or RhodesTer‘s entertainingly maniacal one, don’t hesitate to participate. Granted, not all surveys are created equal. Those with queries that get you talking about yourself, honestly or in jest (just make it obvious which :-) ), offer the chance at a virtual conversation. Like with so much else, ahem – marriage, it’s not partaking in surveys that’s ridiculous but doing so unthinkingly. Such exercises in sharing will not be for everyone but, for those of us who think a friend is just a stranger whose survey we haven’t read yet, let’s not only take part but do so with gusto..

coastal bonfire


    Three things that scare me:

  • my Grandparents’ deaths
  • Dave dying before me
  • how easily homelessness happens
    1. Three people who make me laugh:

  • Dave
  • Christopher
  • Momma
    1. Three Things I love:

  • a bonfire @ the beach
  • my kitties’ tummies (Dave’s too 😉 )
  • cappuccino w/thick foam & a touch of caramel
    1. Three Things I hate:

  • abuse of any kind
  • cruelty to animals
  • condescension toward children
    1. Three things I don’t understand:

  • bigotry to any degree
  • money mattering more than experience
  • self-censoring to ‘protect’ oneself
    1. Three things on my desk:

  • purple stone cross
  • abalone shell cup
  • black personal fan
    1. Three things I’m doing right now:

  • blogging (heh)
  • drinking chai tea
  • petting Taz =^@.@^=
    1. Three things I want to do before I die:

  • travel the world
  • see Dave published
  • finish getting tattoos
    1. Three things I can do:

  • understand people
  • make them smile
  • make Dave laugh
    1. Three ways to describe my personality:

  • eclectic
  • audacious
  • caffeinated
    1. Three things I can’t do:

  • hate
  • ride a bike
  • blow up balloons

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