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Sheryl's profile pic<– This is Sheryl or, at least, her profile pic. Same difference, right? What?! There’s more to each of us than captured online!? I think I’ve captured myself rather well here at Drink Deeply, I’ll have you know! Of course, this hopefully decent but certainly accurate rendering of me becomes a more complete portrait with perusals of my online profiles: MYfacebook, MY[other]blog, MYstumbles, MYtube, MYtumblr, MYtwitter & even MYspace — despite all its flaws. Thus, in proper appreciation for the site we all hate to love (or is that use?), may the cross-posting begin. Back we go then after our whirlwind tour of MYself.. Giving the excuse, “Tara tagged me, so here it is,” Sheryl has tagged MOI:

Here’s how you play. Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog (*or a bulletin) with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end, you choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them to be tagged. Don’t forget to leave each one a comment (“You’re It!”) asking them to read your blog/bulletin. You can’t tag the person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me back, let me know when you’ve posted your blog/bulletin so I can see your answers.

Sheryl, you rule-breaker, why? I must know why you tagged me. *hands on hips* I expect to find out when you comment on this post. *wags finger* You WILL comment on this post; I know where you live your MySpace is. Besides, I’m about to think up write out ten random things – that are supposed to be weird to boot – for YOU.

  1. I’ve had a headache for over 20 years. Yes, the same one, constantly.
  2. One pain has a root cause. The only time I ever slid home was playing softball indoors.
  3. Most of my body is in pain all the time. Different areas flare without rhyme or reason.
  4. Electrical shocks, sudden numbness & periodic tremors accompany the ongoing pain.
  5. I used to read multiple books at once. Now I read one multiple times to get thru it.
  6. I had to relearn swimming year after year. All I actually learned to do is float.
  7. While caffeine has little effect, hot coffee relaxes me & can help me sleep.
  8. Although I’ll only drink hot coffee black, I sweeten all tea & iced coffee.
  9. I hate carrying a purse so oft just put my mobile, lip balm & money in pockets.
  10. I desperately need my own computer again; not only do I greatly miss catching up on other blogs – not to mention staying more active on mine – but without this outlet available consistently, I am slowly but surely losing my mind.

Having previously posted7 Weird or Random Facts,” this was harder than anticipated. However, don’t be discouraged from pondering some of your own weirdness; I would LOVE to see reciprocal lists or links to lists in the comments! Even if you don’t typically express yourself online, what better foray to make?! A safe, encouraging setting where you’re free to be frivolous.. Won’t you play with me? Unless you happen to have a spare laptop about, MacBook preferred ;-), comments are a girl’s [next] best friend. Whatever my health proves to be challenged by, despite my knowledge that it’s not psychosomatic, the effect of the psyche on the soma canNOT be underestimated. Given the intensity of my struggle physically, my mental health is imperative. Whereas physical & mental health typically wax & wane in turn, with one perpetually on the wane, the other absolutely musn’t be stifled.


“I know what love feels like. That is one thing I have found. That is one thing that is much clearer because of Fibromyalgia. Because once you experience real pain you recognize the vibration, the feeling of being healthy, happy and loved. If I’m not living from my heart, I get sick. I need to do things that feed my soul, like being with people I love, or playing my guitar, or listening to music.” ~ A. J. Langer

PS: With hopes pinned on your comments here & in true cross-posting fashion, I’ll be doing my tagging at MYspace.

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