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Thank YOU!


in Holi-DAZE

Whether you’ve already celebrated, aren’t celebrating
or are just looking forward to the food:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ultimately a harvest festival, it’s appreciation for the necessities of life over the niceties that’s always been at the core of Thanksgiving in all its forms. It’s also a symbol of hope; this country’s First Thanksgiving had a cooperative spirit that is slowly but hopefully surely being reawakened.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving graced w/good & simple things.

When fortunate enough to be with my family on this holiday, I ask each of them to share something for which they’re thankful.. As you are my surrogate family, I’m asking the same & can hardly wait to read your comments! It’s quite clear by now that having a home dominates my thanks-giving currently. Having lost mine at the holidays last year, regaining one at the holidays this year has a significance that’s not so much about the holidays themselves but due more to such events being centering by nature. A dear friend with whom we’d lost touch but who had stayed with us for a time, e-mailed me in response to my thoughts on home:

I write to let you know that in the decade since we last spoke you guys stand out uniquely–and I see from all the available on-line materials you have generated, that uniqueness becomes ever more you. I write because specifically The Rhodes’ was the last place I got a sense of the Home I believe you write about–where love manifests–love as wholeness–love as relation with creation…

This touches on the fact that I’m also forming a home here; with you.. So, while I’m abundantly thankful for my wee studio, I’m utterly & ever-thankful for my growing online family. I’m admittedly thankful too that I get an actual Thanksgiving meal today with RhodesTer before he heads to his hotel of employ. Thus, I’ll raise a glass to you as I eat more than I have in a very long time. ready-to-eat smileys

Happy Thanksgiving (carved into a pumpkin)

“He who thanks but with the lips
Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving
Comes from the heart.”
~ John A. Shedd ~

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