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  • Happy 4th of July! May Independence Day bring about new states of mind.. explore it, the possibilities & a #quote or 5; “Independence is a State of Mind” #
  • Send this e-card in appreciation of our veterans, service members & their families who protect our independence #July4th #
  • star-spangled coffee
    “If you can’t do what you want, do what you can.”
    -– Lois McMaster Bujold —
    (independence comes in degrees & is ours to create)
    from my TwitWall, as tweeted below

  • Happy Independence Day! #
  • faved "Perfect Summer eve: Fireworks popping & fanning sky, fireflies, sounds of frogs & locusts, the moon high & bright" from @stargardener #
  • THX @susanreynolds 4RTingME: People don't change w/the times-they change the times. -PKShaw (in challenging ourselves-we challenge the status quo) #
  • retweet of @klamach: i would rather die on my feet in peaceful dissidence than live on my knees in oppression #iranelection (via @Killandra) #
  • Iranian Women & The Uprising: Culture, Rights & Roundhouse Kicks @bust_magazine #iranelection (via @EmpressNorton) #
  • This fantastic "Fireworks 2009" slideshow.. by @Karoli who is also fantastic! ^_^ #July4th @paulbritphoto @1Paisley #

  • watch the very slideshow, tweeted above, right here
  • Building a Positive Life – @PeacefulWmn9 #
  • "Love to play in the sun, dance in the rain & walk in the moonlight, yet coming back home is the best!"-@arlenesg's bio (|_|*hear, hear*|_|) #
  • Uncertainty & expectation are the joys of life. William Congreve (stray from the known path-round corners-discover new possibilities) #quote #
  • retweet of @hochmann: new post on bits of buddhism: More Rumi Ruminations: Be your note! Blend with the Divine. (<3 Rumi) #
  • retwt of @arlenesg: I have a new #twitter sister who luvs #coffee as I do. She's fun. [YAY & THANX (|_|*to my new twitter-coffeesister*|_|)] #
  • "A lifestyle is what you pay for; a life is what pays you."-Thomas Leonard (tis the little things that build the most rewarding life) #quote #
  • coffeesister here / testing #plurk via IM / shall "plurkus" return? (aka bad #haiku 0_0) #
  • retweet of @Killandra: Our cause on @Facebook is now over 3000!! Support Blue Ribbon Campaign for #ME/CFS – (Just joined!) #
  • tis a fuzzy world but all the better for it when that fuzziness comes in the form of @PaganPuppycat #
  • close-up of my kitty
    this is @PaganPuppycat, as tweeted above

  • my @RhodesTer used his few tips to bring me a muffin! having it now w/hot mango #tea as he recuperates from work (aka sleep -_-) *nuts, YUM* #
  • Dori’s Muffin
    by RhodesTer on July 6, 2009

    muffin with candleYesterday, I brought a muffin home for Dori.

    She likes it when I do that.

    I haven’t been able to do it for a long time, because it was always after an overnight shift at the hotel where I worked in downtown Palm Springs. I was laid-off in December and haven’t been in downtown Palm Springs during the morning since then.

    But this weekend they called me back to work a couple of overnight shifts for the 4th of July holiday.

    When I got off Sunday morning, I went down to The Coffeebean and got Dori’s muffin. I got one for myself too, and consumed it on the premises with a mocha ice-blended while watching people come in and out.

    Then, after finishing mine, I had them put Dori’s muffin into a little brown bag..

    CLICK to read the whole story & see a great video!

  • as ordered by Thomas @Hochmann – "awesomeness" – check: the balance of yin & yang, peace, love, the moon & stars; ALL awesome in reply to hochmann #
  • ATTN: #Twitter – @hochmann's wife (aka Suzy) is awesome! [after all, she puts up w/him.. er, *check* ..for that matter, @RhodesTer too!] in reply to hochmann #
  • Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich. -Sarah Bernhardt (there are no limits when we open our souls) #quote #
  • 8-Year-Old With Tourettes Wants Others to Learn Tolerance | | The Ledger | Lakeland, FL #
  • A selection of photos of Spain.. ..well worth a few minutes of your time. (via @grahunt) [THANX for the new wallpapers!] #
  • the Roman Bridge at night
    a new addition to my wallpaper collection, as tweeted above

  • not sure why, nor am I sure why I think there's a why, but my #brain fog's thick today; actions slow, tho'ts disjointed.. nothing new #fibro #
  • as I deal w/multiple issues daily, <3 #Chronic #Pain Warriors: Responding to the Pile-Up of Challenges; @ Dancing w/ Pain® #
  • Leonard:You're some piece of work. Jack:We all are, Leonard. I recommend it. L:What? J:Life.-"Mental" (to live's a piece of work) #TV #quote #
  • A day without laughter is a day wasted. -Charlie Chaplin #quote @hochmann here to aMUSE.. case in point & more #Chaplin in reply to hochmann #
  • "A warrior of light has no regrets, because regrets can kill. He humbles himself and undoes the wrong he has done." – #quote by @PauloCoelho #
  • an "Inventory of normality" by @PauloCoelho – a few favorites are #s 1, 8, 12a, 23, 27, 39, 42, 44 & 47; PLEASE read!? #
  • Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed — [original version] #

  • What Would Buffy Do? Notes on Dusting Edward Cullen

  • We are indeed in good company so not alone. We also enjoy small blessings & life pleasures w/new appreciation. (from @stargardener) [BINGO!] #
  • Desktop wallpaper | Social Wallpapering #
  • silhouetted tree at night
    another new wallpaper addition, from the site tweeted above

  • the spiritual healing by the fine arts starts as we recognize ourselves in others. #
  • hope all is well.. tis a scary time @ the Rhodes' home; determined to keep our wee apt, trusting we ARE where we belong & working on funding #
  • How Giving Changes Everything; by @jonathanmead @zen_habits (via @FairyBlogMother) "[we're] most fulfilled when serving" #
  • "My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here." -Jim Henson (empathy & generosity have the greatest impact) #quote #
  • THX for the #quote retweet, @uppington making a positive difference is indeed the best we can hope for; a little effort creates huge ripples #
  • from @jeanneendo: "FOXY FRIDAY!" Applicable to most any #chronic condition. (now to eventually get a #health care pro..) #
  • #pain takes over / determination pushing back / détente .. #chronic #haiku >_< !haiku #
  • my blog post agreeing w/ @SueInge-"Be sure to get the sleep you need. Stay rested, stay well"-To rest, perchance to live: #
  • my post "To rest, perchance to live:" has great comments by @Tojosan @TheCharmQuark @JeannetteNL & @prosario_2000 – THX #
  • from @worldprayr: Pray for those that are experiencing emotional stress due to job loss or other financial issues. (via @marrangee) [THANX!] #
  • Every moment is a golden 1 for him who has the vision to recognize it as such. -Henry Miller (if not golden, there's a silver lining) #quote #
  • I've created my own #quote w/thanx to @quotegarden: "Under every full moon, our hopes & dreams travel its beams." #
  • "Something's Coming (somethin' good)" so unleash the unknown & prepare for the possible; @Killandra @jeanneendo video 4U in reply to Killandra #
  • "Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life."
    — William Congreve —
    (rather than stay on the path you know,
    round some corners & discover new possibilities

    from my TwitWall, as tweeted above, click thru for the lyrics

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