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  • retweet of @hochmann: been thinking about that lately. thinking about the “whats” of my dreams, trying to get past the “why nots” (YAY you!) #
  • We've removed the ceiling above our dreams. There are no more impossible ones. -Jesse Jackson (rather than if; what, when & why not now)
    the quotationary Thomas replied to, as tweeted above

  • retwt of @Pistachio: #Twitter is; Newspapers in a Blender… Pulped up, turned inside-out & pouring out as liquid streams. (which we create) #
  • retweet of @ursulas: OMG! DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIPS ARE NOW LEGAL IN NEVADA!!! Legislature just finished overriding Governor Gibbons’ veto! YAY! #
  • from the keys of one of Twitter’s founders, @Ev:

    retwt of @evskeys: Even I know love’s not based on the hardware you’re born with. No one can tell you the shape of the key that opens your <3

    retwt of @evskeys: The internet’s like the human brain; vast power arising from millions of interconnections yet we use less than 10% of it.

  • so glad you retweeted @onlinedesign & @EnLieux aren’t those great? @evskeys -the keys belonging to #Twitter founder @Ev– are pretty smart ~_^ in reply to onlinedesign #
  • reading “The George #Tiller I Knew” – – (via @QueenofSpain) on The Daily Kos (@markosm) [short yet important read] #tcot #
  • via @blogdiva RT @BiancaLaureano: for the record, “pro-life” isn’t something pro-choice folk argue, we argue anti-choice..there’s a BIG diff #
  • POTUS #quote “However profound our differences over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.” #
  • I, w/@EmperorNorton, respect those who seek to reduce the incidence of abortion by helping single mothers. That is productive and Christian. #
  • from @EmperorNorton-[Social conservatism] is miseducating its followers. It must say that in civil matters, there’s to be no violence. Ever. #
  • Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.-Babe Ruth (act on your inspirations for you never know what else may be inspired)
    the quotationary that prompted the quote shared below

  • my friend provided the perfect #quote to complement’s quotationary: “Don’t let your fear grow bigger than your faith.” – Josie Bissett #
  • retwt of @Serene_Balance-What about YOU? Do you Dare to Care? (caring’s incomplete if not active & every action matters) #
  • retwt of @QueenRania-Factoid: There are half a billion women around the world that can’t read or write. That’s the same as population of EU! #
  • Welcome to June, dear Tweeps.. many a new beginning lined up, incl. our 19th wedding anniversary tomorrow & @RhodesTer‘s 50th b-day the 9th! #
  • wrt those new beginnings, to #quote my dear @RhodesTer “I don’t want to have a boss anymore. Bosses are overrated.” #
  • retweet of @HiroBoga-The myth of job security, & a great post on the fine art of self-employment from @havi: Also, hummus. #
  • retweet of @mlvalentine-Bloggers didn’t kill journalism, journalists who stopped reporting the news and starting spewing rhetoric killed it. #
  • so.. @Rhodester‘s been drinking some Bud Light we got stuck with & keeps offering to share!? if I wouldn’t drink it @ 14, why would I @ 40?! #
  • double rainbow at sunset
    1 of the “18 Beautiful Rainbows” tweeted below

  • retweet of @spreadingjoy: RT @Jason_Pollock: 18 Beautiful Rainbows from Around the World – (I love rainbows!) [so do I] #
  • Friar John Cor recorded the creation of the 1st known batch of scotch whiskey 1 June 1495-time to get our whiskey drink on then @goingglocal #
  • THX @BeMeaningful-“Just as u can’t steer an anchored ship u cant create change until u make changes.” Inspiring interview #
  • Coping with Someday in Constant Pain:
    Dorian (aka coffeesister) Interview

    by Alex Fayle on 18 May 2009

    Dorian aka coffeesisterWho: Dorian is coffee for the soul; brewing up help, health & happiness from a simple, stimulating & sustainable life while offering life lessons, potential perspectives & empathetic encouragement to all takers for that’s why we’re here: we’ve all been lent to each other.

    Name one moment in your life when you threw a pity party for yourself and the reasons why you felt you weren’t able to achieve your goals:
    I’ve had chronic pain, in one form or another, throughout my life but that didn’t prepare me for being bed-ridden by my late-20s. I’d gallantly pushed on despite migraines, chronic daily headaches, tendinitis, mild scoliosis & asthma for over a quarter of a century — even keeping a job through what was presumably mono, despite having to drop out of college. Then.. No amount of willpower nor sense of urgency nor the strongest determination could make up for the fact that I was debilitatingly weak, constantly tired, painfully sore & cognitively spent.

    CLICK to read the entire interview,
    there’s something for EVERYone ~_~

  • GO Jeanne! @jeanneendo celebrated her 1yr blogiversary by moving to her own domain; #chronic #endo #fibro #ME #MCS #
  • via @charitywater RT @TheWaterProject-Every day we don’t learn how we could do better is a wasted day. The ppl we serve demand our humility. #
  • retwt of @spreadingjoy: Here are the results of our month of giving; Thank you! [(|_|*to joy being created/shared*|_|)] #
  • from @RhodesTer: 19 yrs of wedded bliss. Happy Annual-versary to US :-) [his post‘s worth reading, my comment too] #
  • btw, the “Annual-versary” post I tweeted of is of course @ so hope to see you there ~_^ @no1lefthere thanx Chris *mwah* in reply to no1lefthere #
  • “I <3 being married. It’s so great to find that 1 special person u want to annoy the rest of ur life.”-Rita Rudner #quote #
  • What @EmperorNorton said to an anti-abortion activist & other tho’ts.. ..tho’ts I tend to agree with-esp wrt conscience #
  • from @RhodesTer-My coffeesister’s sitting here quoting Roger Rabbit to someone in chat. (of course, he can only be quoted “when it’s funny”) #
  • here’s @RhodesTer‘s latest blog post-A Visit From Father Phil- -in which I use the word “exactly” exactly too many times #
  • It’s good to have an end to journey towards but it’s the journey that matters in the end. Ursula LeGuin (our means-not ends-define us) #quote #
  • as we start our 20th year of marriage & @RhodesTer wraps up his 50th yr of life, w/so much in jeopardy, the contentment means that much more #
  • retwt of @TIME: See pictures of Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia | -via @rkref– (I particularly like the 6th photo in the set) #
  • great #quote via @motivational: “Other people & things can stop you temporarily. You’re the only one who can do it permanently.” -Zig Ziglar #
  • retwt of @amyderby: I’m checking myself into Scrabble rehab. Word is, free Thorazine drip will be provided. (“Word is”-double meaning score) #
  • via @Pistachio & @kitson-New Hampshire 6th state to legalize gay marriage; @BBC-joining Iowa, Conn, Mass, Maine, Vermont #
  • officially blessing @deafmom‘s efforts “to pester @RhodesTer from now until Tuesday so all of Twitterville knows his birthday is coming up.” #
  • Get clean water to 100 million people. Ask senators to cosponsor the Water for the World Act, sign the petition.. #

  • via TheONECampaign, wrt the tweet above
  • came across the idea that being poor is only a frame of mind & all I can think is that the person being quoted has never experienced poverty #
  • a must-see collection of gorgeous & amazing photographs at their own aptly named blog.. “Industrial Decay” (THX @Karoli) #
  • decaying industrial building overtaken by nature
    from the “Industrial Decay” blog, as tweeted above

  • YES @hochmann could NOT agree more ^_^ purity is pointless & unappreciated w/out a little wickedness to spice it up ~_^ (|_|*to balance*|_|) in reply to hochmann #
  • retwt of @liveonpurpose: I need my supplements 2 function in my busy life (they ARE crucial tho’ need to be liquid or chewable to work best) #
  • THANX for the stumbles on my interview by @AlexFayle, @kimota & @MrJWells as well as the reviews; OMG, @ndpthepoetress #
  • from @EmperorNorton: [who] stops himself from wondering “what if”. There’s only What is. (which leads to What’s possible, “what if” doesn’t) #

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